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Title: Drip
Fandom: Newsies
Pairing: Racetrack/Spot (Pre-slash)
Rating: Everyone
Words: 2,032
Summary: He sat on the beach, dripping wet and covered in sand, missing his hat. Spot also sat, shirt and hair clinging to his pale wet skin. Spot still had his hat and cane. Spot was a better swimmer than Race. Water droplets dripped off of the tip of Spot's nose. That was his favorite hat. Racetrack really hated Spot Conlon.

Link (Ao3): Race was doing it on purpose. Nagging, guilting, still dripping. Spot wasn’t an idiot. He rolled his eyes skyward...

Writer's Block: Marathon sessions

Aside from sleeping and being awake, what is the longest consecutive amount of time you've spent doing one thing? What was it?

Reading Harry Potter, naturally!  Read book 7 all in one go, right after I got it at the midnight release.  Epic reading session only interrupted by bathroom breaks and light eating.

Second would probably be the time I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies in a row.  It took all day and I lazed in bed for the majority of it.

I also watched the entire season 14 of Top Gear in one go, the day I got the dvd.  That probably doesn't count, though, because I was doing crosswords and playing solitaire games at the same time.  Multitasking!

Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!

What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

"Giiiiiirl, look what you've done to me.  Meeee, and my whole wooorld. Girl, you've brought the sun to meeee.  With your smile, you did it girl.  I'm telling you girl!  Something unknown to me, makes you what you are.  And what you are is all I could ask for me. And it's good to feel that way giiiirl.  Thank you girl!  For making the morning brighter Girl! For making the nighttime nicer Girl! For making a better world for me!"

My first ever encounter with this song was all those years ago, as a little girl in the early 90s, watching reruns of "The Brady Bunch".  I knew absolutely nothing about this 'Davy Jones' person other than the fact that Marcia Brady really really loved him.  And much to my luck, he performed it in "The Brady Bunch Movie" too!  All in all, it didn't really mean all that much to my child-self.  Little did I know how this would all come back to me over 10 years later.

How was I to know that I would become (more than a little) obsessed with The Monkees in the year 2010.  I didn't even know anything about them!  "I'm a Believer", tv show, like The Beatles.  That's pretty much it.  It all changed when, out of sheer boredom, I watched the episodes.  And it STUCK.

I started learning everything I could about them.  Davy, Peter, and Micky were on an episode of "Boy Meets World"?  I remember that!  How did I not know?  "Daydream Believer"?  I know that song, too!  Davy sang it on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".  And most importantly:

Say what about "The Brady Bunch"?

And it all came rushing back.  So as quickly as Youtube would load, I pulled up the episode "Getting Davy Jones".  And there it was.  "Girl".

Concert Report!

So. I went and saw Paul McCartney in concert. Yeah.


Slightly long and winding text....Collapse )

 So, that Census job thing worked out.  It's immensely boring.  But most jobs are, I assume.  And it's good pay.  So, yeah.  Whatever.

In much less boring news, I started knitting!  I have completed a scarf, am in the middle of another scarf, and have a plan for yet another scarf.  Both of which I need to get done before March 28th.  Why?  I'll get to that in a minute.  I like knitting.  It's something productive I can do while listening to music.  And it's calming.  I can just break out the needles and Beatles music if I feel angry and let myself calm down.  It's less destructive than yelling or throwing things.

That and I can practice my super melodramatic renditions of Beatles songs.  What I'm listening to right now is a great song to sing as loud and over the top as possible.  Tears!  Tears should be coming out of your eyes from the sadness you feel!  And then you have to completely rock out during the solos.  Incase the order of the solos affects how you rock out:  Ringo obviously is the drums (duh), there's the "Love You" section, Paul plays first, George plays second, and John tears his apart third and Macca, Geo, and John repeat a few times and then the rest of the song.

And if that doesn't work I just watch the music video for "Ever Present Past".  Because it's lolarious and incredibly catchy all at the same time.  Which brings me to my next point of interest:


Ahem.  Sorry.  So yeah.  Got my tickets to see him on March 28th.  My brother is going with me.  It will be epic.  And I'm getting video of at least one song.  That is my mission.

There is one upside to having such a boring job.  My mind is occupied by many other things!  Such as what will I write later?  Which I have been doing.  I know, shocking.  It's been a long time since I've written anything.  I've actually started on something that I've wanted to write for over a year now.  A "Some Like it Hot" fic.  Yeah.  It's actually fun.  The only thing is trying to figure out pronouns.  When to use "he" and when to use "she".  But I think I've figured out how I want to do it for this particular fic.  It involves Daphne/Osgood immediately after the movie ends.  And maybe a little Sugar/Joe.  I've yet to decide if I want to kick Joe and Sugar off the yacht.  So far Joe wants to get off.  Sugar seems to be content.

And I think that's it for now.  Oh, yeah!  I'm in the middle of yet another comic.  It's all Paul's damn fault.  I've had his solo and Wings work kind of on a loop since I got the tickets.  It's a comic rendition of the song "Jet".  Which is a song that makes no damn sense.  *facepalm*  Ah, well.  *shrug*
I'm in love with "Kids in the Hall". Why did I start watching it sometime last month? I don't even really remember. Something about being bored, knowing that Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald were at least somewhat familiar (Blast From the Past, A Bug's Life/Lilo and Stitch), and finding out about the frequent cross dressing. I'm a sucker for casual cross dressing. Especially when it's not played for laughs.

So, I am now in love with "Kids in the Hall". Dave is my favorite. In fact, I have now also watched the first 3 seasons of "News Radio". It's all Dave's fault. So here's a little doodle of 4 of Dave's female characters. Thanks a lot Dave.

In a fit of excitement over Ringo's appearance on Jimmy Fallon (promoting his new album), I did a picture of Ringo from Yellow Submarine.  He's thinking of Jeremy.  He gave him a hole, you know.  Well, half a hole, anyway.

And then in even more of a fit of excitement, (and courtesy of a large Ringo appreciation post over at ONTD_Beatles and a conversation that went down) I did another comic.  Ringo used to have a beard, you know.  True facts.  He was pretty badass.  He had to be.  Lots of gangs.

You know how I said that I was doing NaNo?  Well, my losing streak goes on!  It's still unwritten.  It's a pretty interesting story, too.  A lot of my stories seem to be unfinished.  I should really get on top of that.  I'm kind of tired of my Haunted Mansion fic not being done.  I think I'm gonna finish that.  If not for the (small number of) reader's sake, then for my own

Still no job.  I applied, but no one has called.  I might have a job with the census.  They've yet to start, so I don't know.  Probably soon.

I'm going to go scrounge up something to eat.
I don't know how this always happens but I somehow seem to get from one topic and veer right into another that is very rarely related to the original. It all started on ONTD_Political when someone posted the Top Ten List of "Conservative" Movies. It was LOL worthy. And then from there, a person posted a link to a list of "Conservative" rock songs. It was also LOL worthy. One of the songs listed was "Revolution". Apparently it is an anti-protest song. Or something. (As I said, LOL worthy.) From there I started thinking about severe misreadings of songs. And then from there I went into severe misreadings of things said. And then I ended up at the severe misreading that the press did when John Lennon said that the Beatles are more popular than Jesus.

And then I made a comic. Enjoy.

Herein lay spoilers of the most obvious kind. Read at your own cognizance. Also: major tl;dr. MAJOR tl;dr. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I recently watched the SyFy (still hate the name change) miniseries/tv movie “Alice”. I found it enjoyable...Collapse )

And I think that’s nearly enough tl;dr for now. Feel free to argue with me on any point I made! For one last word, just for thought, let’s go to “Through the Looking Glass”…

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream--
Lingering in the golden gleam--
Life, what is but a dream?

--Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There

Thanksgiving, Movie, and Feeling Sick

So today was Thanksgiving. We went to my sister's house to eat dinner. Of course, for us, that means eating around 1 o'clock. So it's not really dinner. But that's how we roll. It was good. The turkey came out great, despite the fact that it was my sister's first time cooking a turkey. (I have cooked many turkeys! I helped my mom every year make the food on Thanksgiving. Here I am, the youngest of four, the only one who knows how to make food for Thanksgiving.) My other sister made the stuffing, which was good. (Mine is better... :P) Me and my mom made the pumpkin pies for the first time. Usually my grandma makes them, but this year we did. They were pretty much perfect. Well... except for the one that I overfilled and my mom messed up the crimps in the crust on. That one looked like crap. Still tasted good!

After eating, we did our usual Thanksgiving tradition. We went and saw a movie! My parents wanted to see "Old Dogs", so that's what we saw. It wasn't nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be. Now, I'm not saying it was good. It just wasn't a travesty. A lot of random actors have small scenes in the movie, weirdly enough. However, I am probably the only person in the theater who managed to spot Amy Sedaris (or even know who she is). She had pretty much one line and you couldn't even really see her. She was standing on a balcony at night in that scene. I recognized her voice. It helps that I was watching "Strangers With Candy" last night.

And now I'm sick. My throat was a little bit sore this morning when I was taking a shower, but I just waved it away as nothing. Now, 12 hours later, it's annoyingly painful. I am super tired and it hurts to swallow. Ugh. None of the stores are open, either, so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to get some medicine. Being sick totally blows.

All in all, an uneventful and nice Thanksgiving.

The Hatbox Ghost and The Haunted Mansion

When I got into the Halloween mood, I wanted something creative to do since I wasn't going to do anything for Halloween this year. (I actually went rollerskating with my best friend, but that's a different story....) So my mind settled on two things. The first was a spider pixel animation wishing everyone a 'Happy Halloween'. The second was a crazy part of my brain going "Make a pixel Hatbox Ghost! Do it do it do it!".

It was crazy for a few reasons. Firstly, I suck at drawing, especially since I only have a mouse. Nextly, I haven't done very many pixel drawings before. My last major one was of The Haunted Mansion facade from Disneyland. (Obviously, doing a building and doing a person are two completely different things.) Lastly, there was no way in hell that it was going to be done by Halloween to be a Halloween project.

Well, that crazy part of my brain took advantage of my jobless, carless state-of-being. So after many hours of listening to random music on my brand spanking new (which I totally found and which was never reclaimed by its previous owner) iPod. And here is the result!

I proved my previous points true. Well, except for the drawing part. I did that surprisingly well, even if there are flaws. Buildings are completely different than people. Buildings have lots of straight lines and they're neat and clean. People suck. They're all curvy and a pain in the butt to shade. Which I suck at. The clothing is decent enough, but I'm not particularly happy with the shading. Except for his face. I really like how his face turned out.

So that's that. It's done and I never have to look at it again. Huzzah! Until the next time my brain wants to be creative. Hopefully I will be employed and I can tell it "No". My eyesight is bad enough. I don't need more eyestrain....